Matthew Machado, a.k.a. Chachy, is a dynamic and multifaceted audio engineer, producer and recording artist who grew up in Salinas and San Jose, California. Inspired equally by the music that soundtracked his youth–Sublime, Atmosphere and Slightly Stoopid; classic artists whose names alone evoke a sound all of their own–Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Bob Marley and Eric Clapton; local legends from the Bay Area–Mac Dre, E-40 and Traxamillion; and modern luminaries like producer Gramatik and hip-hop icon J. Cole, Chachy seeks to bring these unique voices into conversation to create an eclectic sound unique to him that speaks to people as loudly as idols. For over a decade Chachy has been making music in pursuit of this mission, and in 2018 he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sound arts from SAE Institute. 

Like numerous sonic creatives throughout history, for Chachy, music has been the one stable constant in a life that has been anything but. Providing solid ground from which to view a past that has been, at times, tumultuous and filled with strife, music has been a safe space to release emotions, a place for self-reflection, self-care and healing. It also provides a lofty atmosphere from which to imagine a future illuminated by the often cited, but less often exemplified, virtues of Peace, Love and Understanding. In service to this vision, Chachy established his brand Freedom Frequencies, a banner under which diverse creative endeavors will unite to speak the language of music, a language without borders.